Mining monitor MG-1 is a stationary device for displaying images from the cameras monitoring the mining excavations. The video is transmitted via optical fiber standard 100BASE-FX (version “F”), cable standard 100BASE-TX (version “E”) or wireless Wi-Fi standard in the 2.4 GHz band (version “FW” or “EW” ). In addition, in version “A” is the ability to connect an external analog input PAL (composite video 1Vpp) via BNC connector located on the housing.
The monitor can be equipped with the function keys in the amount of 6 or 12 pieces. Button functions can be defined by the customer (eg. change the configuration parameters of devices, switching the image on the visual system of industrial processes, etc.).
MG-1 is a device of M1 category and may thus be used in all underground mines with possible methane of coal dust explosion hazard.