The company was established in 1990. Since the beginning HASO is dealing with issues of industrial automation. The scope of activities includes those areas where the use of automation provides an increase in labor productivity of machinery and equipment, lowers operating costs and improves safety.

The company has started from the design and implementation of SWuP -3 to support the methane dispatchers work in underground mines. This system allows dispatchers current analysis of the air in the atmosphere in the range of a methane explosion hazard. For several years, the system has been implemented in 16 mines. The system provides safety in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Another field of the company are control and visualization systems for industrial automation. In this area, the company has done a complete visualization of the paint shop at the plant FIAT in Tychy and participated in the modernization of the transport system body. The company has also developed granules weighing systems for production lines in ERG-Bieruń, ERG-Czeladź and modernized automation systems e.g.. in MZEC Oswiecim, EC Lodz, KWK Wieczorek, Belchatow coal mine, coal mine Room, UNILEVER Katowice.


HASO is a manufacturer of devices which cooperates with safety systems in the mining industry, such as telemetric central station CST-40(A), CST-40C, analog signals control unit CSA-1, CSA-2,2-stage signal central unit CSD-1 and many others.


the market needs HASO company is working on production of new devices using the latest technical knowledge. Continuous improvement, upgrading skills of workers and implemented quality management system provides a competitive position in the market.




30 years of HASO.
Start of export to Romania.


Participation in international fair “MINEX” in Turkey.
Start of export to Israel.


Hermesy Biznesu – 1st place for the EVE charging station.
II HASO Conference: “Data transmission and visualization systems in mining plants”.
Start of export to Finland.


Participation in international fair “UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2017″ in Russia.
I HASO Conference: “Dispatching systems for monitoring, location and data transmission in mining”.
Participation in the Promotion Seminar of the Polish Mining Industry in China (Embassy of the Republic of Poland).


Participation in international fair “Mining Week Kazakhstan” in Karaganda.
1st place in the competition “Employer – Organizer of Safe Work”.


25 years HASO company.
Winning a medal Third place in the competition “Innovative Solutions for Construction Machinery and Equipment Mining – PRODUCT OF THE YEAR – Katowice – 2015″.
Start of export to the USA.


Participation in international fairs “MINING VIETNAM 2014″ in Hanoi and “MINING TURKEY 2014″ in Istanbul.


Export to another foreign market – Vietnam.


Signing an international contract with the Australian company Mine Site Technologies on the exclusive sale of their products in Poland (HASO – MST’s exclusive distributor in Poland). The expansion of the French market.


Cooperation with the Turkish company and start exporting to Turkey.


Opening of the new headquarters at Towarowa 20 street in Tychy. Receiving awards in the competition “TYSKI LEADER OF ENTERPISE” awarded by the President of the city Tychy and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tychy.


Start of cyclic participate in the “International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy. KATOWICE 2007 “. The design the first methane concentration sensor type CSM-1.


Starting a production of blasting equipment and station equipment (TCD) for testing electric detonators. The creation of the first version of the electronic detonator.


The extension of the product portfolio of the company: analog and digital central units, giving rise to the creation of a security system CST.


Signing a contract with PARP for the project “Design and implementation of the Quality Management System according to PN-EN ISO 9001″.


Design and sale of the first central telemetric CST-40 on the domestic market.


Expansion of production for the communication industry – products for road traffic lights.


Signing a contract with the company Fiat Auto Poland Tychy on the modernization of the visualization system of the paint shop and the body transport lines control system in the paint shop based on SCADA CUBE system produced by Italian company ORSI.


The implementation of the control and visualization system of fine enrichment plant in the processing plant KWK Pokój Ruda Śląsk.


The relocation of company headquarters to the Rodakowskiego 5 street. Sales of the first system SWuP-3 in Moszczenica and Halemba coal mines.


Founding the civil partnership HASO by Jerzy Macioszek and Andrzej Paszek located at Industrial 52 street in Tychy.